Serve God by Serving Others
Are you ready to use your spiritual gifts to serve God by serving others?
God wants to use you! And when you let Him, not only does the body of Christ grow stronger, so does your spiritual life. You can make a difference in the lives of others by sharing your time and talents! There are many opportunities waiting for you, on a weekly or rotating basis – and most of them take less than two hours per week. We are ready to help you find the perfect fit. 
How to Volunteer:
1. Take a spiritual gifts test. We automatically receive your results, which will help us find the best use of your spiritual gifts.
2. Complete a Volunteer Information Form. You can print one here or visit the Welcome Center in our lobby. Return the form to us on your next visit, or by emailing it to
3. Attend training. The ministry team you join will take care of all these details. 
4. Begin serving. God will use your gifts to bless the Church, to bless the people you serve, and to bless you.