Our nursery staff is dedicated to providing a safe, Christ-like environment
for babies, to ensure peace of mind during your time of praise and worship. Nursery is available for babies and toddlers from birth to 23 months and opens at 10:20 on Sunday mornings.

When a child turns 2, he or she will be immediately promoted to Faith Kids.


Parent Responsibilities – Outlines our well child policy, security policy, and food policy.
Faith Kids Nursery Info Form – We require this form to be filled out for all children entering the nursery. 
Helpful Information
Here are a few suggestions for what to bring: 2-3 diapers with name written directly on them, pre-measured bottles and formula, 
sippy cups, pacifiers, comfort item (blankie or soft toy), blanket and at least one complete change of clothes, including bibs.
Please label all of your child’s belongings before you bring them into the nursery. Sharpie markers work well on most items.


For safety reasons, parents and siblings are asked not to enter the nursery. A staff member will receive your child at the door. Please say goodbyes quickly. Lingering with an anxious child prevents us from involving him or her in activities. We will text you if your child cannot be comforted.

Because of the number of children in our care, it is impossible for us to spoon-feed a child while in the nursery. Pre-measured bottles with pre-measured formula are acceptable. Sippy cups of juice or milk are acceptable, but we cannot keep them refrigerated.
We provide graham crackers or animal crackers as a snack for children 12 months and over, unless otherwise instructed.

Due to possible food allergies, please do not send snacks into the nursery, particularly anything that contains peanuts or peanut products.



Security Policy

In order to provide the ultimate safety for your child, our Nursery Ministry follows a strict security policy. This is to ensure that only the proper adult may pick up your child.
Upon check-in, your child will be assigned a number, which will be applied to his or her back with a sticker, along with his or her name. You will receive a badge with this number to take with you to the service. In order to pick your child up, you must present the correct numbered badge. Please be mindful of this if you give your badge to someone else. 

NOTE: All staff and volunteers in the nursery have completed a screening process and full background check.