Our Faith Kids environments offer interactive learning for your child to build relationships and love Jesus. While we believe parents are the primary nurturers of their child’s
spiritual development, we take our responsibility to heart in partnering with families
on a journey of teaching children how to find and follow Jesus. 
What to expect
 A Faith Kids teacher or helper will greet you at the classroom door for check-in. If your child is a first-time guest, you will be asked to complete a Faith Kids information sheet. You may also print one (scroll to the bottom of this page) and bring with you if you wish. After worship services dismiss, children are checked back out to parents only.
Our classes are divided by ages and identified by colors. Look for a sign next to each door, or stop by the Welcome Center for directions to your child’s class. 


4th-5th grade

“Tweens” when friends are best friends, games are for competition, and your confident kid will insist, “I’ve got this.”
Your pre-teen is virtually unstoppable. They can’t wait to show you how smart and fast and strong they really are.Thinking like engineers, RED lessons are designed to solve problems by connecting concepts so they work together.

A tribe mentality begins to form during these years and the RED class will lean into this more, building stronger friendships and encouraging kids to serve God by serving others. This class is a building block for the next phase; Faith Students. Let’s them ready to have an outstanding Middle School experience!
The RED class  meets in the Faith Students room, next to the nursery.


K-3rd grade

This phase of childhood is when fairness matters most, differences get noticed, and your enthusiastic kid thinks anything “Sounds like fun!”

Elementary-age kids think like scientists, which is why the GREEN learning environment is equipped to help kids in this phase understand the world through concrete evidence they can test repeatedly and discover how things work through repetition and clear application.

Our lessons are designed to introduce new concepts quickly and easily. The more frequently a new concept can be connected to everyday experience, the better.
The GREEN room is located in the former Faith Frenzy room, next to the kitchen.


4 & 5 year-olds

This phase of childhood is when anything can be imagined, everything can be a game, and your curious preschooler wants to know, “Why?”
In the BLUE classroom, your little artist will experience the world through activities that stimulate their five senses. Preschoolers will blend reality with imagination and learn through participation. The way a child resolves the “Am I” questions of this phase establishes a critical foundation for their future. This environment is designed to shape how a child trusts others, how confident they feel about their own abilities, and how they internalize motives for behaviors and self-control.

The BLUE room is located directly to the left of the sanctuary doors as you walk in.


2 & 3 year-olds

This phase of childhood is when nobody’s on time, everything’s a mess, and one eager toddler will insist, “I can do it.”

In this phase, they are mildly aware of everything in their environment, and they take it all in at an unfathomable pace.
We know that toddlers think like artists. In the YELLOW class your child will learn by experience, through their senses. Movement, music, and art are critical for learning at this age, so this environment has been thoughtfully designed to help children learn best by creating with their hands.
The YELLOW class, is located directly to the right of the sanctuary doors as you walk in.
Faith Kids News

PARENTCUE: Living lives changed by God must happen daily. Think about this: the church has 40 hours of potential influence with kids every year, compared to the 3,000 hours of influence you have at home. This means that lessons taught on Sunday must be repeated throughout the rest of the week, and the ORANGE curriculum we teach each week uses the ParentCue strategy. ParentCue provides weekly resources designed to cue you with information and activities, equipping you to reinforce what we teach on Sunday, and helping you do family better. You’re encouraged to download the free ParentCue app and follow through with weekly take-home ParentCues. 

COMMUNITY GROUPS: Partnering with parents means we help reactivate every parent strategically to be more present at home and to be more connected to Faith Community through Community Groups. In January, we will begin equipping Community Group leaders to continue the Sunday morning lessons throughout the week with kids who attend Community Group with their parents. Many groups are kid friendly and would love for you to join them. 
Faith Kids Forms & Documents: 
If you’re bringing your child for the first time, it helps to have these filled out. We’ll have copies ready for you, but if you want a head start, here are some you can print!
Medical Release (For special events/activities)